Research & Development Tax Credits


The R&D story and us

 Each year the Government sets aside billions of pounds in order to support and encourage innovate, efficient business practice. However year on year the vast majority of this funding goes unclaimed due to a lack of knowledge and/or apathy on the part of professional advisers when it comes to carrying out a successful, fully legitimate claim. This is where we can assist you. Our key staff have been involved in this specialist tax recovery sector since 2006, they have both the Accounting and Technical know-how to manage the process ensuring the maximum return for a minimal amount of time required by you and your key staff.



Myth Busters

R&D tax relief – the top four misconceptions dispelled

  1. We do not qualify – Many organisations do not view their activity as R&D, because it forms part of their day-to-day work. In reality, the vast majority of R&D tax relief claims relate to actual commercial development, meaning the ongoing activity of continual improvement of products and processes to improve quality, or efficiency, will qualify.


  1. The system is too complicated – Many SME companies feel overwhelmed by the complex definition of R&D, which underpins the relief, and simply do not have the resources available to get up to speed on this specialist area of taxation. This is where we come in!


  1. Tax relief involves aggressive tax planning – This is an extremely common misconception that is often raised in relation to R&D tax In reality, there is a huge distinction between R&D, which is a Government led incentive, and tax planning, where structures are used to acquire a favourable tax position.


  1. The relief is going to be scrapped – In reality, successive governments from different political parties have increased the claimable percentage over a 16 year period from 150% – 230% (in 2016). This means that the incentives are not only here to stay, but have improved in generosity over the However if we are wrong – our clear message is to obtain your legitimate claim whilst the incentive is available!



Just Four Steps………..

Step 1 – You will receive confirmation that we have received your instruction. We will include our terms and conditions and confirmation of the time and date of your technical call within this initial communication.

Step 2 – In order to assist us in obtaining an accurate claim in an efficient timescale, please consider the

following prior to your technical call:

* In the last two years have you developed and/or adopted: New products, sciences or materials?

New processes? New I T systems?

Product software coding for clients?

Internal CRM/database modification?

Step 3 – Your technical assessment (usually this takes 2 – 3 hours to conduct)

Step 4 – Claim submission to HMRC



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