The Tax Architects

Who are the Tax Architects

We pride ourselves in providing excellent levels of client service whilst dealing with our clients on a one to one basis –  so there is continuity and in-depth knowledge of each client’s affairs.

That’s not to say that we are restricted in the services we offer our clients as we have long-standing associations with specialist providers we trust so we can honestly say whatever the client’s requirements are, we can accommodate those or we know a man who can!

We also work alongside clients’ existing accountants by providing specialist services.

Therefore we can assist our clients to operate their businesses more efficiently by advising them on risk management, planning for taxes whilst trading, getting ready for an exit which may be a trade sale, management buy-out or passing value down the generations and of course, assistance with enquiries by HMRC.

Every business’s needs are different and once we engage with a client we ensure that they are operating their business within the correct structure and we assist them to remain compliant in light of ever changing legislation.

Sue Cottee is the compliance partner in the firm and she deals with all types of compliance from bookkeeping and organising accounting systems to preparation of financial and management accounts and the necessary filings with HMRC and Companies House.

Steve Fallon has over thirteen years’ experience dealing with the Specialist Investigations arm of HMRC and offers a specialist tax-planning service to clients and has been involved in several business sales by acting on behalf of sellers through the due diligence and sales process.

High quality tax advice from qualified experts

Tax rules are complex and ever changing, with significant penalties for non- compliance. By choosing The Tax Architects, you can be sure you’ll receive the very best tax advice, personalized to the specific needs, aims and challenges of your business.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business, or request a no-obligation review of your current business structure and tax position.